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How to care
Tips to wash and care synthetic wigs and human hair wigs
To prolong the enjoyment of your wigs and human hair wigs and always feel at ease with them, we give you tips how to  care synthetic hair and human hair. To keep your hair replacement always looks nice and well kept natural.

How to care synthetic
Brush the synthetic hair wig gently.
Put some special wigs shampoo in a bowl of lukewarm water and immerse the wig it. Do not rub or wring – the shampoo acts self-cleaning!
Rinse after about 3-8 minutes, depending on the degree, with lukewarm water
Then place some wigs cream rinse (Balsam) in lukewarm water and hair replacement 3-5 minutes put. Do not rinse!
let then dry the wig on the air.
Caution: Do not brush your synthetic hair wigs never wet!

How to care Human Hair:
Remove adhesive residue carefully.
Fix the wig with pins on a styrofoam head
Hair brush through well, starting with the tips
Take some human hair wigs shampoo and inside emphasize the top of the head to the tips. Do not rub or wring it! Approximately soak for 10 minutes.
Rinse wig under a shower with clear, lukewarm water.
Repeat this step with some human hair wigs Balm.
Solve wig after shampooing from styrofoam head and dry with a towel pat (do not wring o rub.).
Then still give a special human hair-care in damp hair.
Wig comb out, beginning in the tips
Let dry slowly human hair wig on a wig stand to air and blow-dry after your needs and style when it is almost dry.
Here you can check out our care products that you get in your wig shop. Eempathetic and well trained staff will explain you in detail how and what products to maintain your wigs and human hair wigs.